The Reptile House

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“It is always nice to be asked, unless of course you are being pointed towards the door. So when Rich [The Reptile House] approached me to do a little write-up on my Retro Armalites, I was flattered.

Truth be told, I like to play hard and fast meaning my equipment gets chucked about a lot. The wear marks are therefore all genuine and Tac’s moisture proofing gets challenged regularly when crossing the DorkingNam ‘rivers’.

But onto the Retro Girls.”

The Carbine

 photo gau5_12_zps5bf5e4eb.jpg

“The carbine [above] started its life as a bog standard 08 PTW M4 SCK (my first PTW), fully Tac’d of course. It then evolved in stages:

– G&P XM177 sliding stock
– Prime M16A1 lower (as close to a proper AR-15 marked item I could get at the time and they are sublime)
– RS Reproduction upper, reengineered for PTW
– G&P slimmer accurate hand guards with heat deflectors

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