New UK retailer – The Hereford Kit Company, or HR4K.

(Hint: the K is for Kit and HR4 is a certain Hereford postcode…)

HR4K’s product range implodes the distinctions between athletic and tactical performance.

Here’s the mission statement:

HR4K‘s mission is to deliver high end products used by global elite fighting units, law enforcement and professional athletes.

Our customers are highly motivated individuals who know what they want and the brands we represent promote that very ethos.

No sh!t just kit

And from their IG:

Merchant for the Motivated. Gear for fitness and the hunting of man and beast.

I’m quite certain HR4K’s product range is hand picked by its proprietor, Ben – and I’m also quite certain that the brands he’s chosen are personal favourites, based on hard use. I didn’t like to ask though 🙂

Includes exclusives like Rogue American Apparel:

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 20.42.56

Definitely one to watch and also on Facebook.