I was tipped off about this awesome piece of hardware by one of my favourite airsoft blogs, Pew Pew Pew. And, in fairness, I can’t say any more about the Uloop than the article which inspired me to buy it.

It’s all there, so check it out.

The Uloop is Blue Force Gear’s newest universal loop and I think it’s the best iteration so far.

I’m using it instead of a clunky, noisy metal HK clip, at the rear of my receiver. The Multicam material I’m using to wrap the stray end of the sling is McNett Camo Form, BTW.

From BFG:


You can also the Uloop at the other end of the blaster and do away with sling swivels or other lumpen mounting systems altogether. It’s naturally rotation limited, so it’s good to go.

For me, though, I’ll be sticking with a QD sling swivel up front – just in case I need to dump my blaster fast.

I’ve pinched a pic from Pew Pew Pew to illustrate how it can be used on your rail:


Like Smiffy on Pew Pew Pew, I sourced mine from Tactical Kit. But don’t go ordering one right now, as I don’t want them to sell out and I need another one 🙂