I’ve gone away from impressions and pick my kit based on what works whilst still looking US SOF’ish.

-Gray Fox’s F23, interviewed on interviewed on s23gearmonkey75 blog..

Art imitates life in this case, because SOF guys in the wild have been doing the very same thing.

I thought I’d do a pic dump in a thread dedicated to the user, or unit-defined modernisation of the SOF blaster. I was looking through my Photobucket and I discovered some pics I’d completely forgotten about.

Just look at the blaster above the quote from F23. A black – yes, black – RIS II FSP on what was a Block II blaster; dripping with modifications. It’s a great example but it’s the tip of the iceberg.

I’ve picked out a few highlights, below. Many of these pics come from Jeff Gurwitch’s excellent Combat Applications Crossover trilogy, which is linked at the end of the blog

Aside from the ubiquitous Magpul CTR stock, AFG and other weapon control accessories, Troy rails are a really popular addition. So that’s where we’ll kick off.

Here’s a Troy VTAC Alpha:
 photo dd7615d1eccbe06586f63c24f1d663da_zps10431c49.jpg

Another VTAC Alpha, plus VCOG optic:

Another VTAC, plus Troy Battle Ax stock:
 photo image_zps65c36b57.jpg

Troy Alpha rail, Troy BUIS:
 photo 5d88766e4054f60e223d06fca4987ac7_zpsd62e555a.jpg
 photo 54b1580b41d428b5881264c118a45f26_zps730b0f9e.jpg

VTAC Delta rail, Aimpoint T1, MFT Battlelink stock:

Troy front BUIS:
 photo 79bbbecc5e813f40f465925fbdd1e4ce_zps325cf012.jpg

Troy HK front BUIS, Magpul MBUS rear:

Aimpoint T1 and Vltor Clubfoot stock on an M4A1:
 photo 260c0e568ebc213892e36a58a203aa8f_zps53f1bb80.jpg
 photo db99a63323a8d7c5a44998ff7fe3f119_zps79fd0f2c.jpg
 photo T1M4A1_zpse861c689.jpg

Raptor charging handle:

Samson Evo rail:
 photo a4ed8d92-71bc-49b0-a584-948df4bcd395_zpseb260b9b.jpg

BCM upper with Centurion Arms rail and Aimpoint T1:
 photo 33ba7893e3842bf78d40850c694d91bd_zps405efd94.jpg
 photo ad8478a471d4ef47ca40f9c79967148b_zpsf417340f.jpg

Even back in 2009, the good stuff was being rocked…

Troy TRX (precursor to the Troy Alpha) and Noveske Firepig:
 photo image_zps6a487aea.jpg

JP Rifles rail and ACE SOCOM stock:
 photo image_zps75bc0d21.jpg
 photo d8515fc0df13d23f42fc228f80ca69b2_zpsd029722b.jpg

Also from a few years ago…

GG&G rail:
 photo 12a7c44d1305b36d38e6ca8f5f43e5d4_zpsab153f78.jpg

CASV and Magpul stock:

ACE skeleton stock (rear):
 photo 36dccde2bc86ffd38dd49b0af9b3b9f0_zpsf4d41f01.jpg

The daddy of the tube rail revolution:
 photo e94b1ea5e531edd4155b4304e7e55f60_zps1cf4eacd.jpg

Meanwhile, back in 2016…

Samson front BUIS, plus Arc Defense SOPMOD stock:

For further research and more 2016 pics, you can read the third part of Jeff Gurwitch’s Combat Applications Crossover trilogy here.

You can also catch up on parts 1 and 2 of Mr. Gurwitch’s excellent  writing using that link.