Very neat piece of kit. Seen these around but this succinct blog tells you what you need to know.

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Another very simple but very useful piece of gear here, this time from Blue Force Gear (BFG). Some weapon systems do not come with ideal sling mounting points, or the user might not want to add extra rails or QD sling points to their rifle. For these purposes, Blue Force Gear have come up with the Uloop sling point, which can be picked up for £12 from Tactical Kit.

In a nutshell, it is a nylon coated piece of steel wire inserted into a nylon sling loop, secured by ball shank ends.


It is a very simple system. Lift the bits on the end, slide out of the sling loop, thread through whatever you’re mounting it to, reinsert the wire through the sling loop and secure.


I’ve used mine so that I can mount my sling to a M4 Block II and Troy TRX rail. It will also be used…

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