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I’ve not seen many blasters in the civilian genre that I’ve taken note of recently. This blaster made me sit up and reconnect with an aesthetic that hasn’t interested me for some time. Dan’s blaster is so cool, it could be a Stickman build.

As Dan tells us later, he didn’t take any risks with the build. But it’s not about taking risks or sourcing the latest cool guy parts, mixing them liberally and hoping for the best. It’s about function leading to form and the form being greater than the sum of the parts. However, this build is stylish in many ways, and Dan’s is one of the first blasters to put the PTS Mega receiver set to eye catching use.

Pics of this blaster will make those teetering on the edge of Krylon paint jobs pause for reflection; because black has never looked so good.

A parts list and words from Dan follow.

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“PTS Mega receiver set
RS Noveske NSR 9′ rail
RS Noveske side pannels
RS Noveske take down pins
RS Noveske KeyMod Scout light mount
RS Magpul CTR stock
RS Magpul ASAP sling plate
RS Vortex Sparc sight with killflash
PTS AAC flash hider and silencer
Custom length Daytac aluminium barrel
NightForce copy of Surefire M600 Scout torch and remote dual switch
Low profile gas block
Orga combo”

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“The rest of the parts are from my original 2012 SCK, built by Tac. All of the external parts have been refreshed with a touch of Cerakote (barrel, stock tube, charging handle, selector switch, bolt stop, mag release, ejection port cover, ASAP plate).

A Hogue grip is still on cards, but for the time being Iā€™m more than happy to share this build with the PTW world.”

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“I’m a big fan of CQB. My home site is AEG Epsom Tunnels which is very dark, up close and personal. Having played numerous Hit Takers and Invite Only Airsoft events, it became obvious to me that a high speed low drag gun is a major advantage.

Not being a milsim fan, I always wanted to build a modern M4. Just when I wanted to take the plunge and commit to a refresh, the PTS Mega receiver set came out.”

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“I like the way the profiles of the receiver and rail match. I also like how the whole seems greater than the sum of the parts. To be quite honest, the parts list is nothing new or shocking, but the parts work well together.

Not wanting to spend money twice, I had to do a lot of homework and this meant boring all of my mates with questions. I want to thank them all for their patience.”

Thanks Dan, for words, pics and an inspiring build šŸ™‚

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