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After so much emphasis on the 416 in the blog recently, I found George’s pics on IG very refreshing (@burt8393). There are some great action shots on there, which feature George’s awesome Block 1.5 influenced build.

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Next to the 416, I have to say the Block 1/1.5 is my favourite form factor. One thing I really like about George’s build is he’s chosen to retain the OEM lower. I can identify with that, because the motor angle and mag seating are absolutely perfect. To get the same perfection in those dimensions, you are in SGT territory.

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Looking at the paint job, scrim has been used to get a cool net pattern and the lower is dropped in.

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George has this to say about the build:

“I’ve always liked the traditional looking M4a1 AR, so built mine to replicate a photo I liked.

Part choices have been kept simple throughout the whole build, to help maintain its usability and functionality.

A perfect all-round gun for me, and the sites I play at.

Parts List

SF 556-212a flash hider
LMT LE stock & milspec tube
Eotech XPS-2 & G23 magnifier
Inforce WML

Really the only thing left to do is to swap the STANAG mags for P-Mags.”

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Thanks very much to George for words and pics 🙂