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This is absolutely my last SGT 416 blog for a while – I promise! I wrote this earlier, but forgot to publish.

Thanks for all the messages through the blog’s Facebook page, about the SGT 416 kit. I think I’ve replied to everyone but to make things simple going forward, Tac’s SGT 416 price structure is featured below.

Interestingly, the Complete Custom 416 leverages significant savings over buying the kit and a donor PTW.

Also note the list of Super Tuning options…mmm! No official prices yet, but a bit more revealed. I know what I paid for Level I Gear Box Detailing, but I’m not telling 🙂

***Tackleberry SGT 416 Pricing Menu***

Upper Only Kit £1100
Upper Only Kit (Assembled) £1140

Additional Options:

Inner Barrel/Hop Assembly inc. Hop Mod (price dependant on barrel choice)
Cylinder Unit (price dependant on cylinder type & tuning level)

Complete Kit (Upper & Lower) £1650
Complete Custom 416 £2600

Complete Custom includes the following genuine Systema parts:

Inner Barrel/Hop Assembly (inc. Hop Mod)
Cylinder Unit (tuned to spec)
“KUMI” 490 or 7511 Motor (your choice)
MAX Gearbox (Super MAX at additonal cost)
Full Electronics Package inc. 2013 EL-003
Magnetic Bolt Stop Kit
Misc Small Parts (to complete build)
Labour (to include assembly and necessary smithing)

Additional Options at Extra Cost:

Alternative Inner Barrel (PDI or Orga)
Super MAX Gearbox (only necessary for M165)
MAX & Super MAX Cylinder Unit
Systema Mil Spec Buffer Tube
Systema “Bushmaster” Butt Stock (Mil Spec)

Your Choice of:

Butt Stock
Trigger Guard
Iron Sights
Charging Handle
Flash Hider
Magazines (Standard or RS Magpul E-Mag Conversions)

Super Tuning:

Motor Spec
DSG Option (tied to the above)
Gearbox Detailing (Level I, II or III)
Inner Barrel Polish
Inner Barrel Shortening
Cylinder Polish

Special Note

Choices of the following markings etc. when ordering your Kit:
Serial Number (your own or default)
Proofing Year
UID Markings
Colour/Finish (example: Cerakote Graphite Black)

Lastly, here’s a link to the menu on Tackleberry’s forum. I believe you need to register to see the menu, but I thought I’d include it here because in a sense it’s a live list which will be updated by Tac if anything changes.