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My SGT 416 lower hit the UK last week and was finally delivered today. I didn’t spend much time with it, as I wanted to get it off to Tackleberry – SGT’s European partner – for its fit out.

First impressions are highly favourable. Like the corresponding upper, in the hand the lower feels robust and high quality. The markings are distinct and straight and the Cerakote is lustrous – although the oiled finish had me a little confused at first.

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For me the jewel in the crown on this one is the extended, flared mag well. Sure – that’s what you get when you buy any 416, but I’ve been critical of Prime’s internal mag well dimensions in the past, so I’m hoping SGT delivers perfection in this area. I won’t know until it’s built.

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SGT’s motor angle and fitment is legendary, so I’m expecting my blaster to sound as good as it looks. I’m also expecting it to continue to run in a reliable and consistent way.

Reliability and consistency are, of course, inviolable givens which PTW owners have entrusted to Prime for years; and which made Prime receiver sets the gold standard. Indeed, first generation SGT receivers, including its original 416 lower, were OEM’d by Prime. The new generation of SGT receivers set, specified to even higher standards, must still be judged by the basic rules of reliability and consistency; they cannot be confirmed as the platinum standard (or even the new gold standard) on looks alone.

So, that’s the last I’ll see of the lower until it’s returned with my SGT 416 upper and the parts from my donor PTW.

However, during the fit out I’m hoping Tackleberry will provide some feedback on how it all goes together. My friend Jez is having his SGT set assembled by PPTW, so I’m also hoping for some feedback from Stu.

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