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There aren’t many of these floating about…

“I was thinking about getting an FCC AOR1 HK416 PTW, especially after reading all the DEVGRU books and watching the movies. I searched for some time, until I could get my hands on one of these rare blasters. Apparently there were only 14 pieces made by FCC.”

 photo 4F127E27-BE4D-4735-9E40-2799289CA104_zps9e2klsrq.jpg
 photo FFB85A05-D537-489C-B657-067A3F8F2E63_zpskr7ime44.jpg

“Inspired by the No Easy Day 416, I started to add accessories and tried to paint them accordingly, to get closer to the original. This project is still progressing.”

 photo AE75066C-D178-494D-85F5-488800CFEC58_zps9p09leez.jpg
 photo DA938AD4-81BB-47B5-9FEB-8F5915005E26_zps7qepod1v.jpg

“I removed the FCC Tango Down style grip; I like the Magpul MIAD and it fits my hand much better. The TD grip felt so uncomfortable to me, although its paint job is so nice. I decided to use the Elcan Specter DR instead an Eotech XPS.”

 photo BEDED960-B626-4B22-9B27-DD1E7DC7FA05_zpsepfiftrj.jpg
 photo 4B4F3C8E-A5E9-4FE0-8285-885BD373871B_zps9bsuzlck.jpg

“I really like the paint job, and it is very close to the original in my eyes. It is a Duracote paint job with 4 different layers & colours. The AOR1 pixels were made with stencils, sprayed airbrush-fine, with a lot of fine detail. The camo covers everything. The HK markings are all there, right under the paint. They shine slightly through the colour. The colours are a bit different to the RS AOR1 tone; I would say a bit brighter and more “sand “, while some tones in the RS AOR1 looks a bit more “pinky / tan” to me, but it depends on the light. It will definitely get darker during use. Also the pixels are a bit bigger than in RS pics. It isn’t easy to paint accessories for it, because it’s hard to find the exact matching tones that FCC used. I’m still looking for matching colours, although Krylon Sand Dune closely matches the base.”

 photo D00418FD-6353-449A-8C2C-5B5F16D20210_zpsmweo4sek.jpg

Parts List

-Elcan Specter DR FDE w/ killflash & docter sight
-AN/PEQ15 FDE w/ remote switch
-Surefire M952V TAN w/ remote switch
-Magpul ASAP plate w/ paint job
-KAC rear BUIS w/ paint job
-KAC front BUIS w/ paint job
-some suppressor w/ paint job
-Paracord wrap around stock w/ light stick
-FCC Pivot pin set
-Magpul MIAD grip FDE modded for PTW
-Magpul AFG2 foregrip FDE w/ paint job
-FCC torque gearbox
-FCC mosfet
-FCC barrel and hop
-FCC 2.5 motor
-FCC 11 inch outer barrel w / 6.03mm inner barrel w/ FCC Hop up unit
-FCC cylinder unit M115 velocity

 photo F47F619B-B563-49D9-B468-E9FBBE68B7C4_zpsfemq9gmd.jpg

Future Plans:
-PMAG modification for using in the FCC 416
-new & better AOR1 paint jobs w/ better stencils and other paints for the AFG2, maybe the MIAD and for the modded PMAGs & some Stanag mags
-Garmin GPS w/ holster attached to the stock
-maybe some 45 degree side foldable KAC sights in TAN
-maybe moisture proofing & motor mods
-maybe Surefire M600 scout or Surefire M720V
-maybe M4A1 length inner barrel, to fulfill the suppressor

AN/PEQ15, M952V & Elcan Specter will not be painted for a dropped-in look.”

 photo 3CACEEB3-5848-46C5-8C62-ED2CD002691B_zpsqn3jlkso.jpg

Thanks very much to Nismo for the write up and pics 🙂