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Some of the most progressive M4 builds seen In The Wild are Aussie SF blasters:

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Here’s Skippy’s implementation, brimming with RS and attention to detail. Sublime.

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Over to Skippy:

“As I’m originally from Aus and did some time with the Aussie Reserve forces (ex-Chocko for those who know what I’m on about), it would be rude not to have an Aussie inspired loadout (god knows there’s enough poms running around dressed up like yanks that you don’t need a token Aussie doing it as well).”

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“Due to the varied (and gucci) nature of the kit that the Aussie SF use it’s not too difficult to pull together a fairly accurate setup. It’s also not too hard to keep the loadout practical for skirmishing. I try not to carry anything I’m not going to use if I can help it.”

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“So when in the wild pictures started showing up with the SOTG crew running Troy builds I knew I had to have a go at putting one together.

Build list includes:

PTW 08
13 inch FDE Troy Alpha rail with built in front BUIS (note the trade mark Troy 2mm gap between the rail and the upper)
Troy rear BUIS
Eotech XPS*
Surefire Scout*
Magpul CTR stock
Magpul sling plate
Modded and sprung Magpul Pmag”


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Thanks very much to Skippy for words and pics!