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Last week, I received some dummy plates by J-Tac Custom. Today I received a pair of side plates. Despatch time and customer service was awesome, as usual.

This side plate set (they are sold in pairs) is 6″ x 6″. The price is £9.95. The plates are cleanly and precisely cut and the logo is nicely embossed.

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Presentation is pro.

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In chatting to John at J-Tac, I also learned about a custom option with the plates:

“As an additional service we can also supply plates with a team logo, in place of the J-Tac one. There is a £10 set up fee for this process, then plate price remains the same.”

Here’s Michael from Tier 1’s Ferro PC, as an example. Old dummy plate left, new logoed J-Tac plate, right.

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It sounds like J-Tac’s plates are proving extremely popular,

“The plates have gone worldwide. Singapore, USA, Belgium, France, Germany, so quite pleased about that!”

And quite rightly so! Thanks once again to John at J-Tac.

J-Tac has a Facebook page. Go like it and ping them with your requirements.

Incidentally, for Irish customers, Toy Soldiers Airsoft in Belfast is the distributor for the plates and all subsequent J-Tac products in Ireland.