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I posted a few pics of my new J-Tac Custom Dummy SAPI Plates on Instagram a few days ago. Shortly afterwards, this testimonial appeared from a chap who follows my feed. It’s about John, the guy behind J-Tac Custom:

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It didn’t surprise me. Over the years I’ve had many dealings with John. We seem to like the same kit, so needless to say we’ve conducted many a transaction via the forums. All of my dealings with John as an individual have been perfect. Dealing with John as part of J-Tac is equally impressive.

J-Tac’s plates had been recommended to me. I had a quick look on the company’s Facebook page and I liked what I saw. Being a dummy plates newb, I pinged J-Tac via PM and got some advice on the right plates for me. I went with medium in 20mm thickness. 10mm and 15mm thicknesses are also available, but I wanted RS girth. Incidentally, the medium plates are 241mm wide x 318mm tall, also the same as the real deal.

I was luckily enough to benefit from J-Tac’s March free-shipping offer, which meant I only paid £11.95 per plate. I was amazed, because while I ordered late afternoon, John let me know he’d post the same day. The plates duly arrived the very next day – nicely packaged.

The plates came professionally presented in ziploc bags, with individual card headers.

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When most people think of foam plates, they think of sofa stuffing or roughly chopped kip mat. J-Tac’s plates are pro: composed of very firm foam, embossed with the company logo and the size of the plate.

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I think these plates are pretty much perfect. It’s hardly surprising that John got these right, first time. John has played airsoft for donkey’s years, but he also has a military background.

If you’re still using cut-up kip mat or some other DIY concoction including (but not limited to) gaffer tape and hairy string, treat yourself to some of these plates. Or, if your plate carrier is without any filling at all and is consequently uncomfortable and saggy, these plates are for you.

I hear side plates will be available soon (in two sizes). I’ll be pulling the trigger as soon as they’re available.

J-Tac doesn’t just make plates. It makes plate carriers and any kind of tactical nylon you can think of (even Christmas stockings); it also carries a range of RIFs and consumables.

Check out the Facebook page for pics and more details. And, while you’re there, give them a like.