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How cumbersome does your current rail system feel right now?

Tube rails go back a long way. In the beginning they were fat, heavy and almost as cumbersome as quad rails. Then came the Troy TRX which changed the game. It set the standard for the 21st Century. From then on, modern tube rails became defined by their outer diameter (sub 1″) and their uncompromising mission to balance high speed, low drag with strength and balance.

The Troy TRX/Alpha was the first tube rail to be adopted by a tier 1 element. Check out pics of Aussie special forces. The next tube adoptions came with Delta and DEVGRU, in the form of the Geissele SMR and the Remington RAHG. Heckler & Koch themselves have recently debuted their own 416 tube rail…which features the KeyMod attachment system.

And the KeyMod attachment system is what’s going to make tubes stellar, with the choice of direct mount accessories or backwards compatibility in the form of KeyMod-backed RIS segments. And, with the military adopting civilian kit faster than ever, how long before we see KeyMod in the wild?

In fact, how long before we see BCM’s new tube down range? They’ve got some credible celebrity shooters advertising it and these guys aren’t known to peddle any old crap:

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