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I see a lot of people incredulous when their leet new 1,000,000 lumen stun-strobe taclight gets shot out.

We’re very quick to protect our optics but perhaps not so careful with our lights. While some may consider plentiful, bargainous Hong Kong-sourced lights as practically disposable, it’s a different story with the expensive tier 1 choices. Even if you can wangle the warranty it’s still an inconvenience that a little pre-planning and a small outlay can prevent, as I found out.

I’m continually learning new things, but one area of the airsoft curriculum that really needs development is my knowledge of lens protection. That’s where one of my gurus comes in. After all, if you want something done properly…ask an expert.

Tactical Optician is Andy Bourne, who is an Ophthalmic Optician. Andy provides expert services to members of the Armed Forces, as well as performance athletes and airsofters. Obviously Andy is an airsofter himself, so he fully understands the needs of the demographic…as well as those of actual warfighters.

I spoke to Andy about lens protection for my X300 and M600 lights. Aside from Andy’s proven sacrificial lenses, he recommended I source two accessory kits for the Mini Maglite. The packs contain rubber sleeves, which are a perfectly fit over the heads of the two lights.

He sent these pics, to illustrate. Consider the first pic, left to right to see how the system fits together:

 photo 83F4EA2E-3A7A-4971-8824-1D05BBF69F1E_zps8tkaokiy.jpg

The system installed:

 photo 49DAAAE9-F041-43C5-9328-2B89503CB872_zpsmebyy77l.jpg

My sacrificial lenses are on the way (fast and efficient service from Andy, as usual), so I’m looking forward to installing the Surefire protection system and getting stuck in.