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This is Jez’s blaster.

It’s the best civilian build I have seen in quite a while. It’s so tasteful. Adding an SMR to a pure-bred KAC build is genius and is really sensitive to the build as a whole.

Unlike so, so many civilian build we see nowadays, this blaster is not just a collection of cool guy parts. It really works as a whole.

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The Problem With Civilian Builds is that too much choice casts the builder adrift into a creative vacuum. The very best builds are constrained in some way and the builder shows their talent and produces a beautiful gun by pushing against those constraints. This is one such blaster.

As a pure-Stoner build, it was more KAC by numbers. The SMR adds that little twist which sets it apart. I love it. Nice work, Jez!

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Prime KAC Stoner lower
Prime Colt upper
Prime sling mount
Dytac stainless gas block
FCC black modular outer alloy barrel
RS KAC trigger guard
RS Geiselle SMR mk4
RS capped milspec buffer tube
RS Magpul CTR
RS Magpul MOE grip
AAC steel flashider*
Troy battle sights*
RS Rainier Arms charging handle
RS Gear surefire mount
RS Night Evolution pressure switch
Surefire Scout light
FCC BAD ASS selector*
T1 with KAC mount
RS E-mags with systema inner x4
ORGA inner barrel
STTS hop v2
Tac’d motor.
BOL 11.1 Lipo stuffed in rear

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos