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Martijn PM’d me on the Systema PTW Forum and asked if I’d be interested in covering his newly painted blaster in the blog.

Would I ever? The pics blew me away! This is an amazing paint job, but the build itself is top quality, too; Martijn has an eye for detail and a hand for high art.

Over to Martijn:

“So as much as I love the look of MK18s and Block IIs, I wanted something that still looked a bit different from the other Block IIs with snakeskin paint jobs. Colour-wise, my old paint job was too ‘yellow’ for me, as I used a coyote brown base color on it.

For the new paint job I used Humbrol #29 Dark Brown (thanks to The Reptile House Blog, which pointed me to this!) I also used Fosco Olive Drab and Dark Brown. For the Fosco paint I used the small ‘Sniper’ labeled cans, as these spray really thin which I prefer over a thick layer of paint. I wanted to keep the nice colour of the Humbrol #29 at the fore of the paint job.

Anyway, requirements list for the Kryptek:

Humbrol #29 Dark Brown
Fosco Olive Drab
Fosco Dark Brown
Die-Cut vinyl Kryptek stencils

(I found patterns on google, edited them in Photoshop and took them to a buddy who makes die-cut vinyls.)”

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 photo dwz4_zpsbeaa0b86.jpg

“1. Start off with a base coat of Humbrol #29. I made mine nice and thick. Have to love the feel and finish of the Humbrol paint…”

 photo IMG_1839_zps8240db03.jpg

“2. Apply vinyl stencils. This is hard to do nicely. You’ll have to rip the backing paper to get the vinyl wrapped nicely on the curves of the receiver.”

 photo IMG_1840_zps9bdd8f7f.jpg

“For the next steps, I tried on my Eotech 511…”

 photo IMG_1844_zps5bcb9099.jpg

“3. Spray all areas covered with vinyl, with the Fosco Dark Brown.”

 photo IMG_1845_zpsa539f189.jpg
 photo IMG_1846_zps0f8d9743.jpg

“4. Spray some diagonal stripes with the Fosco Olive Drab

5. Remove some of the shapes and spray these too. Let the whole thing dry

6. Remove all vinyl stencils.”

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 photo IMG_1847_zpse9ae2ba7.jpg

“7. Be amazed by what you’ve painted :)”

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“Systema PTW 08 MAX CQBR
Madbull MK18 9.5 RIS II in FDE
VFC KAC QD Suppressor
Battleaxe PEQ15 (being replaced by G&P DBAL soon)
Replica KAC front BUIS
RS A.R.M.S. rear BUIS
RS CQD sling mounts
RS Magpul AFG2
RS Magpul CTR – comm spec
RS Eotech 511
RS Larue LT-110 riser
RS Surefire M300A
Night Evolution dual push pad for Surefire and PEQ15”

Thanks Martijn!