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It was the very first Kryloned Blaster I featured.

It was an inspiration to me…and then my car boot net/macro pattern technique inspired John to give his awesome blaster a makeover.

It’s all about iteration. The great thing with rattle cans is you can hit up the gun and add to the design, until it meets with your seal of approval. Or, wipe the gun clean and start again – learning as you go.

John has been kind enough to document his latest paint job, shown in part above.

“Things I used:”

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“Nitromors gel…You have to watch it though. It can go sticky as it dissolves the paint and if you don’t clean it off properly it’ll feel sticky in your hand. White spirit is working to remove that stuff, but acetone would be better.”

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“Use a Chopstick or kebab skewer (might scratch) to clean awkward bits:”

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“How it looks half and half :)”

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“Tape helps the paint stick to frequent contact areas. So stock, grip and buffer as the buffer is too smooth and paint doesn’t stick to it well. Tape is a perfect keying surface (and its removable).”

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“Matt brown and gloss green base:”

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 photo photo2_zps019997e8.jpg
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Now, the car boot net goes on nice and tight, to experiment with patterns:

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 photo photo2_zps1fadd7b8.jpg
 photo photo3_zps7df2ea11.jpg

Stencil used, raised off the surface with Blu-Tac for bold shapes:

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 photo photo_zps55abc368.jpg

A bit more experimentation and the slate is wiped clean with Nitromors. A new base layer goes on.

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Then, the way becomes clear with the use of Blu-Tac to encourage the net to conform to the shape of the receiver – or indeed any complex shape:

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Humbrol rattle cans – an excellent choice:

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The final design starts to take shape:

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The special forces snakeskin look, on steroids. Maximum contrast is added with scrim, post-net stage:

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Thanks very much to John for the pics and quotations – and for delivering such an awesome look!

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More, soon…