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I was lucky enough to receive a freebie from my friend Omer (Bulldog IL on the Systema PTW forum), who is an agent for FAB Defense products. Omer spotted the way I grip my RIS II upper, thumb over bore style, in a pic. He suggested I may like to try the PTK and VTS combo.

The PTK is an angled foregrip and the VTS is what FAB calls a thumb rest – it fits in the web of your support hand.

Now, I’ve tried both the AFG and AFG II and I didn’t get on with either – so it will be interesting to see how this competitor product package suits me when I use it on my Noveske build.

Product details from FAB Defense:

“About the PTK:

The PTK conceptualizes within its design a unique Special Forces combat proven instinctive shooting method incorporating natural pointing positioning which enhances accuracy and tactical performance.

About the VTS:

The new VTS provides versatile solutions for various forward grip positioning enhancing comfort and increasing accuracy. This ergonomic support may be set to accommodate a wide variety of tactical locations for ideal operational superiority taking in mind ideal compact configuration.

-Provides Natural Grip Positioning for Point and Shoot Techniques
-Innovative State of the Art Design Allows Optimal Tactical Support Preventing Fatigue and Increasing Long Term Accuracy
-Maintains Natural Body Stance.
-Allows versatile positioning for optimal comfort
-Made of a single Extremely Durable polymer composite piece
-Provides an additional compartment for cleaning kit or battery.”

Both items are nicely moulded in a tough looking black polymer and the quality looks great. The finish is slightly more gloss than Magpul’s, but there is no flash and everything looks crisp.

I don’t currently have an AFG to check the angle against but the most obvious differences between it and the PTK are shown below.

Suffice to say, due to the highly ergonomic profile, the PTK sits beautifully in the hand – so I’m looking forward to trying it out.

One thing I would say about this package is you can bet what FAB says about Special Forces in the quote above is true. I’d wager these items have seen use In The Wild, much like the many pics of the AFG in use with SOF. IDF impressionistas may already have pics.

Aggressively textured gripping surface:

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Storage compartment:

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Ready for the next game:

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