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Used the MilCiv upper at Hit Takers today, which was held at the MOD’s Longmore Urban Training Facility. I’ve not played Longmore before, but it’s an awesome site. Not least because the houses there aren’t just structures which have been thrown up. They were once inhabited and include gardens. Throw in a bit of woodland, a train track (with static train) and a few compounds and it’s as varied as it is compact and playable.

Needless to say, the upper was a good fit in this environment. Used without the suppressor, the AAC hider has a fair old ring to it. Used with the suppressor and the report is dampened – although I’d need to walk away and listen to someone else using the gun to decide how much suppression is going on. The Mini4 suppressor is only short, after all.

The Geissele SMR is highly ergonomic in the hand when gripped – which surprised me, given that it has the cross section of a quad rail. Having said that, I’ll try it with an RVG next time out so I can compare the feel. By the end of the day, the wrist of my support hand was beginning to feel a bit awkward – though not because of its position while shooting. It was more to do with holding the gun at rest – ducking back in after shooting, poking my head around a corner etc.

As for the paint job, it’s already beginning to weather. This is good news as I like my guns to develop a patina of wear and tear. Krylon, worn through use, accelerates that look.

Luckily, acrylic paint is waterproof; it got a bit moist towards the end of the day, so the gun is in bits drying out.