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Finally finished the pattern and took a few pics before it started pissing down.

This could all have been achieved a lot quicker and I probably would have ended up with something better which used less paint. However, after I sprayed v1.0 of the pattern through the macro net, I misjudged the fine mesh OD coat and deluged much of the detail.

Several iterations later and I’ve corrected the job enough that I like it. But, I have learned a lot along the way.

If I repeated the exercise, I would use Krylon Khaki as the all-over base colour. I don’t like Krylon as much as Humbrol to deliver even coats, but the base is mostly covered up anyway. I’d then use Humbrol Dark Brown 29 in the pattern, along with Krylon Dark Brown, Khaki and Sand.

Next, I would spray sections of the gun in each of these colours, freehand – not through the net. For each section of the gun, I would then spray through the macro net using a colour which is lighter or darker than the section below it.

Finally, I would do some light misting through a washing machine mesh bag – using Humbrol OD and a few notes from the other colours.

Although I would continue to wrap the stock and suppressor in the macro net, I’d lay the gun flat to do the receiver and rail. That way I could lay the macro net flat and move it about to get the desired effect.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

My friend John, who unlike me is actually good at doing this sort of thing, has bought a car boot net and is planning his own design. I’m really looking forward to seeing that as I know it will be as inspiring as his current blaster.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos