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Amoom of FCC posted this awesome blaster on FCC’s Facebook page today.

An absolutely beautiful FCC 416 receiver set, with a breathtaking Geissele 416 Super Modular Rail in FDE. Just like the guys at the tip of the spear.

There’s no way I’d have the balls to Krylon that, so I’m liking the fresh from the armoury look.

 photo 1078853_10201262616183888_1295086019_o_zps7d84a470.jpg
 photo 1077880_10201262617183913_628553009_o_zpsf0f4005d.jpg
 photo 922084_10201262619103961_760926538_o_zps7e1f5827.jpg
 photo 1102527_10201268575892877_1476802526_o_zps3ecc6851.jpg
 photo 1011164_10201268578092932_916287481_n_zps0c91abd2.jpg
 photo 1149199_10201268602013530_2057429035_o_zpsa38681dc.jpg

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