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It was a warm, rainy day of woodland airsoft today. The perfect environment for my shooting glasses to steam up at crucial points throughout the day. However, I think I’ve finally found something which works against fogging.

I bought Oakley Hydrophobic Nanoclear thinking it was a Gucci cleaning kit for my eyepro. Whilst that’s true it also keeps eyewear fog free, in the worst a temperate climate can throw at it.

I bought my kit from Tactical Optician. Tactical Optician is run by Andy Bourne, who is an Ophthalmic Optician. Andy provides expert services to members of UK Armed Forces, as well as performance athletes and airsofters. Andy is an airsofter himself, so he fully understands the needs of the demographic…as well as those of actual warfighters.

I asked Andy about Hydrophobic’s anti-fogging properties, because I couldn’t find anything in the product description specifically about this feature:

“…being hydrophobic, it also repels moisture vapour. The trick is to apply to the lens, wait 30seconds then buff’ til just clear. The mistake is to ‘over-buff’ as it were, which simply wipes off the chemical rather than leaving a layer to do its work.”

He added,

“The bonus for me is the size of the kit. Being a Crye whore, I find this bottle fits perfectly into one of the small front thigh pockets on my combats.”

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Thanks to Andy for his words and for his excellent customer service.

From Oakley:


You’ve got your hands on the world’s best eyewear. Now take vision beyond the limit. NANOCLEAR™ LENS CLEANER + HYDROPHOBIC is a complete kit that lets you clean your lenses and give them a specially engineered coating in one step. The coating prevents water from leaving streaks and sheens that can corrupt your vision, and it creates a smudge-resistant barrier that repels skin oils and lotions, so keeping your lenses clean will be a whole lot easier.

Just run the marker tip across the entire lens surface, wait 30 seconds then buff it lightly with the included MICROCLEAR™ cloth. That’s all there is to it. The cleaning/coating solution won’t diminish the clarity of Oakley’s performance lenses, and it’s perfectly compatible with lenses that have our IRIDIUM® coatings and Anti-Reflective (AR) coating. We formulated NANOCLEAR™ to be compatible with all lens and frame materials, so you can use it with any type of eyewear, including prescription glasses. Each kit is good for about 50 applications.

Not compatible with snow goggles or anti-fog treated lenses.

Oakley NANOCLEAR™ lens cleaner “pen” with Hydrophobic designed for up to 50 applications

Simple single stage application with convenient “pen” applicator and streak free MICROCLEAR™ cleaning cloth

Specially formulated Hydrophobic solution not only cleans lenses but also repels dirt, water and oils without affecting the optical precision and clarity of Oakley”s performance lenses

Oakley Hydrophobic treated lenses exhibit anti smudge (AS) properties making lenses much easier and faster to clean

Oakley Nano-Clear lens treatment is compatible with IRIDIUM™ and Anti Reflective (AR) coated lenses

Oakley NANOCLEAR™ lens treatment can be used on any type of eyewear, including prescription glasses, and is compatible with all lens/frame materials

Oakley NANOCLEAR™ Hydrophobic Lens Cleaning Kit contains: One bottle of Hydrophobic lens treatment with “pen” applicator. One streak-free high quality MICROCLEAR™ cleaning cloth with HDO logo”

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