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I don’t get many things right first time and I make no exceptions for PTWs. My builds are like Burgess Shale evolutionary explosions. Every conceivable permutation I think may work is prototyped and subsequently subjected to evolutionary events (hard use, or sometimes just whim). Parts are then either wiped out by extinction level events (sold); or, joined by newly evolved species (new parts). The process of Darwinism then begins again.

I nearly got the Noveske build right first time – a rare event indeed. I put that down to my own learning, the advice of trusted friends and the wisdom of the PTW community as a whole (as well as a few GBB guys). I really do think the build is finally finished with this iteration, though. You can read more about the sturm und drang of my selection process by taking a look at Noveske: Reloaded.

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Having said the build is finished…there are two experimental items installed: the DD fixed rear BUIS – which I wrote about here – and the Mega branded Hogue grip:

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The inclusion of the Hogue came as a result of gentle persuasion from my friend Lyle – who’s a big fan of the grip – and months and months of attrition from Stu at Project PTW…who, by staggering coincidence, happens to sell painstakingly hand-converted ones.

Stu also fitted Torx screws to the motor base plate (which keeps the grip on) to make it easy for me to change the grip if I don’t get on with it. But the way I feel right now, it’s likely to be the first of many Hogues. Something of a U-turn for me on the grip front, but I never said I wasn’t a hypocrite…

You can read how the build was tailored to my requirements in PPTW’s blog. It all sounds a bit artisan and craftsy, to me…but Stu takes great pics, so it’s worth indulging him to take a peek at those.

Some details which I like are below. A parts list follows.

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Project PTW angel breath
Tackleberry pixie hair
Vltor MUR 1S upper
Prime Noveske lower*
Noveske NSR 11″
FCC Race trigger*
FCC BAD ASS selector – Cerakoted by Suzutomo Gun Tailoring*
FCC Troy trigger guard*
Mega Arms branded Hogue grip
Madbull Noveske gas block*
PTS Battlecomp 1.5*
Dytac aluminium barrel – custom length and Kryloned by PPTW*
DD fixed front BUIS
DD fixed rear BUIS
DD optic mount
Aimpoint Micro H1
Vltor sling plate
Magpul CTR stock
UTG buffer
Magpul RVG


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