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I spotted this awesome Haley Strategic Partners-inspired Free-solo build on FCC’s Facebook page this morning. Normally, the biggest head turners on FCC’s page are their own personal blasters (and with good reason) but this…is incredible.

Sou has been kind enough to allow me the honour of showing his build here, for which I’m extremely grateful. However, I get the impression he’s someone who doesn’t like a big fuss. So I’ll try my best to interpret his build:

Up front, we have a 13″ Geissele SMR Mk1 Revision A. I have the Mk2 version of this rail and it’s one of the best made, best finished and best designed rails out there. You can read a bit more about the SMR, here. Because the rail is 13″, I’d assume the outer barrel of this build is 14.5″. From what I can see of the profile, I think the outer barrel is civilian spec.

 photo IMG_3772_zps34403bd1.jpg

At the Muzzle, we have a Surefire MB556K break. Dytac makes a version of this as does Crusader (the Crusader version is excellent).

Atop the SMR, we have a KAC folding front sight. Below, we have an AFG (which appears to have a stippled portion). The rear sight is, again, KAC and the optic is an SRS. The charging handle is a Rainier Arms Raptor. The buffer tube looks nicely finished, so I’m wondering if it’s an RS conversion. Either way, it’s accompanied by a B5 Bravo stock. An ASAP receiver end plate is one of a trinity of lower receiver Magpul products, which also includes a MIAD grip and MOE trigger guard.

 photo IMG_3772_zps555830cc.jpg

Now things get even more interesting, with the trigger and receiver set. I’ve not seen this model of trigger before but it looks to be skeletal. I’m liking it, a lot. I’m unsure of the provenance of the receiver set, but the upper has Advanced Armament Co. trades and the lower exhibits a beautiful HSP dragonfly logo. The fire selector markings are US civilian style, in that they do not feature an auto option. These signs lead me to believe this receiver set is not an off the shelf item.

 photo IMG_3772_zpsb0c73ecc.jpg

Trigger and civilian fire selector markings:

 photo IMG_3772_zpsc21292b7.jpg

I always miss something, but to me this is as well thought out as it is aesthetically pleasing. A truly inspirational Free-solo build which oozes class.