So, back to the SOF inspired gat

Front BUIS arrived, after being examined by the UK Border Agency 😯

The only real difficulty I faced planning this upper was the front BUIS. I could have gone with no BUIS at all – plenty of real world SOF examples – but the most common front BUIS is the KAC one in taupe. Unsurprising since it’s part of the Block II increment.

I’ve been unable to source the KAC BUIS so far and not being happy with the excuse that, “They are SOF, they can use anything!” I looked for confirming instances of other options.

I’ve seen one pic of a Troy front BUIS used in the wild and I already have an RS version spare – but I’ve seen too few to suspect a trend.

The most convincing option turned out to be an old skool YHM flip up sight. I saw the YHM in a few early Block II pics and there’s gossip on that YHM supplied some early uppers. So, although it’s dated, I’m happy it’s an authentic choice for now.

Here’s the sight:

Here’s it in the wild, on a Block II CQBR upper:

And the rear…Matech (fitted).