I’ve been inspired to revise one of my civvie uppers by what I’ve seen on Gray Fox, arf.com’s clone threads (here and here) and from in the wild SOF pics.

I don’t know how to describe the style of what I have planned – except to say it’s SOF driven, as it draws from multiple SOF influences.

The beginning…

My planned parts list is as follows:

DD M4A1 RIS II rail – arrived.

YHM flip-up front BUIS. Would prefer KAC, but until one becomes available this will do. Seen the YHM sight in quite a few early Block II pics and there’s gossip on RS forums that YHM supplied some early uppers.

Matech rear BUIS. Seen more of these in pics than KAC, which I was surprised at.

Prime Colt PTW upper – already attached to the carbine in question.

In terms of optics, I don’t need magnification – so the Spectre is out. I don’t get on as well with Eotechs as I do with Aimpoints. Luckily I’ve seen a fair few T1s depicted on Block II uppers in the wild, so I know they’re out there.

As for the flash hider, no rush – but I may changed the birdcage for BE Meyers or something Surefire.