Regardless of a handful of negatives – most of which can be overcome – Infinity is a work of genius.


I know a lot of people have been waiting for an announcement from world renowned Systema PTW guru Tackleberry (Anthony Gnapp), with his opinion on the new for 2021 Infinity system (search Infinity on the blog for background articles).

Well, after evaluating Infinity for some time, he published his opinion on Tackleberry’s Systema PTW User Group Facebook page; and, here it is – reproduced with kind permission, on The Reptile House.

It’s a good read…

Words: Tackleberry

Now I’ve had chance to work with the product a little I think it’s time to share my thoughts and findings.

Also, an outline of how I will offer the Kit and the range of options.

I suppose we’ll start with the pros and cons, so lets get the bad out of the way first.

The Bad

1. The Price

The elephant in the room is the price. Even by Systema’s standards this is a huge amount to pay for what is in essence a “Version Up Kit”.

It can be justified somewhat by the fact it includes an Inner Barrel Assembly & Cylinder Unit, but to leave out a vital piece of equipment – the external programming card – is to the point of being inexcusable.

What makes it worse is it looks like this item is now only going to available as an additional cost part, and will not be included in the Kit.

As a stand alone item it hovers dangerously close to pricing itself out of contention, although this is countered by the fact that when combined into a new build it starts to make sense.

2. The Selector Mechanism

Even by the standards of the hopeless Ambi set up on the legacy system this is just, well, crap!

It looks like they had this brilliant idea, and then when they finished thought, “Oh shit! what about the Selectors?”

The legacy non-ambi system was just about the best of any AEG full stop. It had a lovely positive click and was never sloppy. Of course, that was ruined by the Ambi set up where you either had to run it loose to sort of let it be operated by the Ambi Lever, or leave it as is and just have it for decoration.

Anyway, I digress. On the face of it the mech looks like it could be good, however the Detent Spring is far to strong, and the way it is implemented means that although the positions are fairly positive, once in position the Lever has a small amount of play. Using a slightly weaker Spring improves matters with regards to the smoothness of operation.

Which leaves us with the Ambi Lever. Again this is a completely hopeless “Heath Robinson” set up with the Lever itself only supported by the hole in the side of the Receiver. But what makes it worse is the Link Bar/Gear. This is made from a flimsy piece of thin steel pressed into shape, and given the length of leverage means all it does is twist when you operate the Ambi Lever as it cannot over come the strength of the Detent Spring on the L/H master. And that is even with a weaker Detent Spring fitted!

The problem with it is gear ratio and leverage. The system is never going to function unless the ratio is 1:1 right across. To some extent this could be addressed by a certain aftermarket manufacture – HAO – producing a nice a set of alternative Levers, and milled hardened steel Link Bar – Subtle hints being dropped there!

3. The Complexity

It’s like a Swiss Watch. Not really a negative as such, but this thing is small and very intricate. The Screws used to keep it all together are tiny, really tiny, and thus easily wrecked if carelessness creeps in.

Don’t get me wrong, it is beautifully thought out and made (except the fire selectors) and has that inherent Systema quality of componentry; but, it is bordering on the fiddly.

However that is only to be expected given so much has to be crammed in such a small space.

4. The Wiring

Why oh why didn’t they make the battery Cables 10mm longer? They are barely long enough, only just allowing the Fuse holder to reach the Tube and get the Cap in place.

5. The Ultimate Muzzle Velocity

It’s a DSG. This in itself is split into good and bad. Good as it provides extremely fast Cyclic Rate. Bad is it restricts ultimate Muzzle Velocity – but keep reading as there’s a twist about that.

The Good

1. It’s A Game Changer

Regardless of the handful of negatives – most of which can be overcome – it is a work of genius. The sole element of removing the Motor from the Grip is probably worth the membership alone!

2. The Brushless Motor

I’m sure I don’t have to explain any of the advantages a brushless motor brings, and the massive bonus is that maintenance is pretty much zero – no more re-winds!

3. The Real Steel Grip Compatibility

You can either use the supplied dummy motor to mount your existing Grips, or partially modify an RS Grip to fit the standard Lower (no need to hollow the rest of the Grip to fit over a Motor), or have the Receiver Milled to allow the fitment of any commercially available Grip – meaning Grips do not need any mods and bolt straight on.

4. Pre-cocking

You’ve all seen the videos which speak for themselves. Not only does the DSG shorten the Cyclic Rate, but the Pre-Cocking reduces that rate further still, to the point where it’s just about instantaneous.

Squeeze the Trigger, the shot is fired. No waiting for the wind up.

5. Buffer Tube Capacity

Nothing in there except a Fuse Holder and your Battery. No more anxiety over will everything fit and can I get my stock to go on too? It all just vanishes down inside.

6. Programmable

Okay, the fact the “external programming unit” is not included sucks, but by the same token allowing the end user some control – albeit limited – over how it functions is a bonus. Although as it comes, the factory setting are probably all you will ever need.

7. On The Fly Burst Selection

Burst selection is an absolute cinch and can be done on the fly, as the mood takes you. However, if you set it to Burst you do get the higher Cyclic Rate of 1100 as opposed to 800 for factory Auto.

8. The Trigger

It uses the same Trigger as the old set up – the 2008 version. This means any of the commercially available aftermarket Triggers can be installed.

9. Tuning Ability

Thankfully there is room for tuning to be carried out.

The very short Inner Barrel has been purposely used to stunt Muzzle Velocity. Therefore swapping it for the usual CQB-R or Carbine lengths is instantly going to improve matters.

Using a Carbine length Inner Barrel, and Cylinder Tuning (set to lowest level with the supplied M130 Main Spring) the following figure has been obtained: 382fps

Swapping the Main Spring for an M150 resulted in: 402fps.

Of course, those figures are well above what most of you are required to shoot at, and the CQB-R Barrel will obviously shave a useful chunk off that, but along with tuning techniques most requirements can be catered for.

Using an M110 will drop these figures down, yes. However, using anything less than an M130 results in a double shot being fired. It is worth noting that with the “external programming unit” this can be eradicated by setting the active brake, so further tuning potential will be available to cater for most people’s requirements.

The fact remains this set up is no lame performer, and can be tweaked to provide a range of performance options.

And now…………THE BIG ONE !

10. Single Sector Gear Compatibility

Obviously being a DSG means ultimate Muzzle Velocity is pegged back. But can it go further?

Well, yes – yes it can!

Using a modified SSG I have had it running M90, M110, M130 & M150 Springs normally, as it would in the legacy set up.

While not really any advantage for anything 400fps or lower (the DSG is the one for this), where this does score is going up to 500fps.

Yes you did read that right, the Infinity can fire up to 500fps. And what’s more, it doesn’t seem to break a sweat doing it!

There are certain caveats to this. Yes it will run slower, and while Semi runs at a good pace – similar to the legacy set up – Auto is slow.

If you set it to Burst it will cycle faster of course, but when you are up to that level generally it’s Semi Only – so not really a great concern.

It is worth noting this was done using 11.1v. The system can handle 14.8v, so that reduction in Cyclic Rate can all but disappear.

Again, with the “external programming unit” some of these areas can be addressed to tailor it to suit the SSG set better.

It doesn’t end there as you can have choice of how you want it to operate.

1) Full Pre-Cocking – as is normal with the DSG

2) Partial Pre-Cocking

3) No Pre-Cocking

Option 3 is probably not worth considering, as what you end up with is technically no better than the legacy system. But you would need to choose carefully as once done you are stuck with your choice, unless you purchase a new modified Sector Gear.

Tackleberry Upgrades

So, as it stands, I will offer the Infinity Kit including the following in the price:

1) Moisture Proofing

2) Extended Battery Cable (Gearbox-Fuse Holder/Connector of Your Choice)

3) Hop Mod

4) Upgraded Cylinder

You will then be able to choose from the list of following options & alternatives:

1) Alternative Inner Barrel – Length & Make

2) Cylinder Tune – Depends on Muzzle Velocity Requirements etc

3) SSG Mod – Includes Full Piston Rack, Normal Modified Sector Gear

Pricing to follow soon……… FB Messenger of course!