I’ve always been intrigued by the design of the Daniel Defense Collapsible Butt Stock.

Even more so, since it started filtering through to reference pics of US forces:

DD’s stock is available in three colours: black, Tornado (grey), and Milspec Brown – which appears to be a rich, almost chestnut colour as opposed to the usual FDE. The reference pics to my eyes show a mix of the black and brown colourways.

The stock’s form factor is curious. The adjustment paddle is up front and unprotected. There’s a big void where you’d expect to find a paddle (the leading edge and base of which would provide protection).

I’m guessing this structure is in place for strength and to prevent hang ups; but also to provide a flat platform from which to roll the rifle up from low ready. This is all pure speculation as I’ve not handled one of these stocks.

The really interesting part is that DD gives the user a choice of concave or convex butt pads – as well as the ability to use the stock without a butt pad altogether. The concave pad is prettier but I can see the concave one being useful too.

Comparison of Daniel Defense Collapsible Stock Butt Pads

Lastly, the stock is strategically overmoulded – there’s rubber at the cheek weld. A bit of comfort here is often overlooked, but I do recall pre-beard that the textured pads on Systema Crane stocks were a really comfortable nice to have; and DD’s rubber won’t be wrecked by stubble like those pads were.

This just happens to be my current favourite US Army SF URG-I upper pic. A lot of the reason for that is the Milspec Brown DD stock.

I’ve preserved sources where known in the pics above – but some great IG accounts to follow for reference pics are:

It’s also absolutely worth joining the DEVTSIX forum for its photo archives. Users there are often first to spot open source material.

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