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This iteration of my EOD/ATS kit is optimised for ‘realsim’ CT Direct Action role playing. Here I support players in the role of SF units, going into buildings. Therefore the kit is missing certain additional items you would expect to see in, for example, a greenside kit.

The majority of bangs I’ve come across at realsim events are either tripwire or command wire controlled. So, my EOD/ATS kit is designed to find and disarm or disable them.

First Line – Belt

On my FRV Tailoring Gen 1 Shooters Belt, I’ve always carried a multi-tool of some description. Currently its a trusty Leatherman Rebar in black, stored in a C2R bang pouch. This is due to be upgraded to a Super 300 EOD.

I also have green, red and intense white Cylumes and a large roll of tape ready to go. This is all used for cutting wires, taping wires and being able to see what I’m doing in the dark and smoke. Red and green Cylumes are used for marking unsafe/safe areas respectively.

Second Line – PC

On my JPC I currently have a WAS commanders pouch (custom pouch en route from the excellent Cellar Gear) fitted to the front of the kangaroo pouch.

This allows me to have a large clamshell pouch that holds and organises the kit I require to deal with an immediate threat, such as a trip wire in a doorway or a simulated s-vest; and deal with the post-incident, if a device functions.

In Addition
  • Folding, extendable inspection mirror – to look around corners/under doorways
  • Small screwdrivers – access tools
  • Small locking forceps – hold wires/clothing etc out of the way
  • Plastic tweezers – no zap, no boom while fiddling with potentially live wires
  • Wire cutters, wire strippers, snub nose pliers
  • Small mole grips
  • Soft wide paint brush
  • Pen, pencil, permanent marker
  • Spare cylume
  • Notepad

I use my Crye Roll-up Dump and Combat Pant leg pockets to store the EMOE kit. Small hard cases (like the ones optics come in) are great for storing charges and sensitive equipment. These are selected to fit the thigh pockets of Crye combats. T42R (the talented JCI.Comms) has made a 3D printed control box for me, to initiate the breaching charges.

When I use my C2R Lite2 PC I will keep all of the above within an HSGI large EOD pouch on my support side thigh – hung from the belt line to keep the carrier slick.

Third Line – Back Pack

My third line is based on the photos of the ATO during Manchester and Newcastle raids.

Reference pic

I use the Mystery Ranch RATS pack, separating-out kit into its pouches ready for use.

First Pouch

The first pouch contains my “rip kit”: a hook and line kit which is 300ft of paracord with a carabiner attached, a hook and a couple of mole grips.

This is used at realsim events to pull the remains of a disarmed IED from the ground for SSE purposes, without risking the guys on the ground.

For more general airsoft events, it will mostly be used for recovering car keys from drains…

Second Pouch

The second pouch contains my electrical kit: multimeter, probes, spare wire (black and red), cable ties, and electrical tape (multiple colours). This is to work out what’s live…or whether your airsoft RIF battery is charged or not.

Third Pouch

The third pouch contains access tools: screwdrivers, pry bars, allen keys etc – for getting into switch boxes or gearboxes.

Forth Pouch

The forth pouch contains Stanley knives, wire cutters, wire strippers, crimping tools, another inspection mirror and probing tools: it does what it says on the tin.

IV Holder Bags

The IV holder bags will be used to hold cordless tool parts – screw driver, impact driver and angle grinder plus batteries; but this should mean I can reduce the number of other access tools I require.

Within the bag I also carry spare pens, medical shears and within the front pouches of the bag I carry a blowout kit.

Future Additions

In future I’ll add the powered access tools; replacing some of the tools with ceramic versions (so there’s even less chance of an unintentional bang) and adding in a British Forces Mine Pack.

I also have a number of different tearout pouches in the works with Cellar Gear, to help further organise the interior of the pack.

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