It takes a lot for me to get excited about a trigger guard and indeed, until I had hands on with HAO’s Geissele Ultra Precision 5 Axis Trigger Guard Replica I wasn’t that interested in it.

In reality it’s very cool and would make a subtle signature addition to almost any build.

It’s composed of 6061-T6 aluminium (the RS is 7075-T6) and is processed in the way its name suggests – using a 5 axis CNC mill.

The example of have here is hard anodised with little to no dye. It gives it that authentic tanodized look which changes – chameleon-like – with the light.

There’s no need to use an Ergo Gapper with this trigger guard. It extends to cover that annoying open area, which sometimes rubs a finger.

HAO has innovated by elongating the roll pin hole. This makes the trigger guard compatible not only with PTW, HAO MWS and RS receivers, but with a wider range of other platforms.

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