Just a quick bit of signposting. If you’ve got any engraving that needs doing, I highly recommend Andy at A-Tac Laser Engraving.

He’s been working on accurate L119A2 trades for some time and I’ve been lucky enough to be privy to part of that process. I have to say that from the proofs, his L119A2 trades are the best engraved ones I’ve seen to date – and yes, he’s started accepting receivers for processing. A couple of mates are at the front of the queue so I look forward to seeing their finished engravings.

Until then, Andy was kind enough to send me these ‘business cards’. One of Andy’s products is, literally, engraving professional business cards on business card sized sheets of aluminium. As you can see, for me he’s done L119A1 and L119A2 style one and the quality is sensational!