I had a chat to Bismarck, HAO’s boss man earlier today and he was quite candid about the company’s roadmap for MWS releases, which is as follows:

  1. HAO HK416A5 kit for MWS
  2. HAO L119A2 kit for MWS
HAO’s L119A2 kit for Systema PTW – for illustration purposes.

As for timescale, things have clearly shifted thanks to Covid-19. However, the HAO HK416A5 kit for MWS is still on target for 2020 and I presume the HAO L119A2 kit for MWS is too; given that like the A5 the externals are ready modelled.

No new pics, sadly – but when something is available I’ll be sharing.

Also, sadly no news on the HAO GHK L119A2 kit.

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