After seeing a couple of Ryan from Backcountry Workshop’s paint jobs at a recent game at Spartan Airsoft, I knew I had to feature his technique in the blog.

Ryan is an ex-Royal Marines Commando, and absolutely does not fuck about…

He was kind enough to write some words and take some pics, as he progressed the paint on a third L119.

Words and Pics: Ryan from Backcountry Workshop

I am not really spraying to fit into an environment – more just to break up the solid colours when playing airsoft in a rural or woodland area.


  • Spray paint – I use Halfords Camo paint
  • Scrim net – multiple sizes if you wish
  • Masking tape (any really)

Rifle Set Up

So without teaching people to suck eggs: get all you Gucci bits on where you need them, then ensure you tape up all the parts you don’t want covered in paint.

I then get the rifle hung up in the garage, ready to go. It’s easier to work around the rifle in this position.

Step 1

Give the rifle a good base coat. I just use a black, even spray over any previous paint jobs.

Step 2

Start with green, going in diagonal lines; then brown in the opposite direction. Then onto the tan, which I do in multiple passes.

Step 3

I place my large scrim net for the pattern, then start with the tan etc; just going in random paths to try keep the pattern as organic as I can.

How it looks after Step 3:

Step 4

I get my smaller net and start doing exactly the same I did in the previous step.

The Finished Product

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