Interesting move from HAO with news of their forthcoming Colt M4 receiver set for PTW – a much sought after product which has been out of stock for a long while.

First, they are now offering two different lower types – legacy and modern – which can be identified by the style of reinforcement at the takedown pin.

Second, if you place an order before 10 March 08 March* you can specify other options like blank and/or without ano.

This will surely interest some custom builders, and it isn’t an option HAO has offered in the past.

Needless to say, the receiver set is CNC milled from 7075 billet and this is strong stuff – as I can attest after falling over on to my HAO L119A2 on the weekend (and yes, there were lots of witnesses).

It bounced, if you’re interested. I, however, did not.

If you go with HAO’s stamped Colt set it does indeed feature trades which are rendered using a hydraulic press.

Images below from an earlier production run, courtesy of Overhoppers (read their excellent review of the HAO set here).

HAO’s Colt receiver set is available for pre-order here. It’ll be ready to ship in April.

*HAO altered the deadline on 06/03/20.

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