Classic meets cutting edge.

I’ve added a Ferro Slingster Pull Tab to the VTAC two point adjustable sling, and it’s an awesome enhancement.

I’ve owned the Viking Tactics (VTAC) Wide Padded Sling (Upgrade) since 2013 and it’s seen a lot of use.

Not just that, but it’s the only sling in a long procession of potential replacements which I’ve never sold.

As such it’s very much the benchmark for me, even though it’s now a relatively old design when compared with newer adjustable two point slings; which invariably see the loose/trailing pull tail of the VTAC supplanted by 100% captive configurations.

Here’s Kyle Lamb showing how the VTAC works, if you’re unfamiliar with what was a paradigm shifting sling which is still no less valid today:

Or visit YouTube to see the video.

Keeping the webbing captive within the sling and it’s adjustment buckle banishes the loose tail of the VTAC design; and it’s this loose tail which some see as a weakness.

That said it’s a widely used, tried and tested design and because of that very same loose tail design, it adjusts much more tightly than any of it’s competitors – a real bonus for going hands free.

As opposed to the VTAC, the Ferro Concepts Slickster Pull Tab is relatively new invention.

I read that, originally, it was born of necessity rather than being envisaged as a conscious upgrade to the company’s Slingster (my review here); Ferro’s previous pull tab – a Santoprene type loop – being discontinued by its maker, ITW.

Ferro’s new pull tab actually improves upon the old ITW product which it replaces. It’s easier to acquire with or without wearing gloves, is highly tactile for easier manipulation, and acts as a much better fulcrum – meaning there’s less effort involved in adjusting the sling.

I read ATRG’s review on the Ferro Pull Tab and wondered at the time if it would fit the VTAC sling, given that they share the same spring-hinge adjustment buckle (again made by ITW).

I had the Ferro product around as part of a Slingster (but it’s also available as a stand-alone item via Tactical Kit) so I thought I’d give it a go.

The spec is actually a little different between the destination – my VTAC’s adjustment buckle – and the Ferro pull tab, perhaps to do with the age of the former.

However, with a little perseverance Ferro’s product went on without modification.

Ferro’s pull tab has permanently replaced the simple paracord loop the VTAC shipped with, and as I remarked at the beginning of this article it’s an awesome enhancement – which I’d recommend to anyone.

Compared with the original solution, it’s so much easier to locate and manipulate – it’s like night and day.

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