Words: Henry IP & Rich Norman

Pics: Henry IP

Inspired by a famous slew of pre-L119A2 era reference pics, Henry built his own UKSF LWRC M6A2 UCIW (Ultra Compact Individual Weapon).

It’s GHK-based and came up in conversation as we were discussing his awesome HAO-enhanced GHK L119A2.

Henry is happy for the pics to do the talking, but there’s also a parts list at the end of this article.

Reference pics:

Henry’s build:

Parts list:

  • YSC GHK M4 GBB Bolt Carrier Aluminum
  • RS LWRC PDW Flash Hider
  • RS LWRC MkII-B ARM-R Rail Assembly – Carbine
  • RS CAA Tactical FVG3 folding grip
  • RS LWRC Advanced Trigger Guard
  • RS Magpul MIAD Gen 1.1 Grip
  • RS LWRC Ambi QD Sling Mount
  • RS LWRC UCIW Stock Kit (stock, buffer tube, buffer; replaced LWRC buffer spring with GHK)
  • RS Aimpoint T2 sight with either LaRue LT660 mount or Aimpoint LRP mount with 39mm spacer
  • Replica Troy BUIS

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