For The Reptile House hardcore, Seraph’s blaster needs no introduction. Between 2013 and 2016, it featured in the blog on no less than nine occasions in its various iterations – including a couple of value added reblogs. Just type Seraph in the search field and you’ll find a rich heritage.

I loved this build as soon as I saw it on Tackleberry’s old Systema PTW User Group.

From that time onwards, its variants offered a different take on an evolving impression; singular in vision but no less well observed, at a time when CAG Reference pics were scarce.

Back then there were a lot of really serious impressions and builds coming out of Scandinavia. Seraph’s builds were some of those which set the bar for the rest of the globe; influencing the next generation (like Milsimminded, perhaps closest to Seraph’s spiritual heir) to create Systema PTW builds maxed-out with RS.

Milsimminded’s awesome modern CAG HAO HK416D Systema PTW

And remember: Seraph originally put this ensemble together when there were no 416 kits for the Systema PTW whatsoever. He converted a WE GBB upper himself.

Over to Seraph, who wrote as well as he built and painted Systema PTWs:

The original inspiration for this rifle was a photo of a late Unit guy which in fact served as the spark that set off my entire modern Delta loadout. Even so, it is tailored for my specific shooting style and has evolved since the beginning.

Originally it featured a Colt 4 position stock with a John Masen buttpad and a different grip. While lightweight and low profile I found two issues that made me consider other options. First of all I started disliking the lack of a proper cheek rest. Secondly I found that in some awkward shooting positions the butt pad didn’t extend far enough downwards to achieve a good shoulder rest. At one point I purchased an LMT SOPMOD stock to amend the cheek rest issue. However, I didn’t like the extra weight and went back to the Colt stock. I never really looked at the STR stock until I spotted it in the Houston video and after checking it out it seemed like the perfect match for my needs. Mounted on the rifle it proved to be just that and I haven’t looked back since.

The MIAD grip followed shortly thereafter as I needed a grip that would allow for a tighter, more upright grip. I also liked that the back extended up over the lower receiver and having tried it before I knew that its shape fit my hand very well.

The rest of the setup corresponds to my shooting style; I grip the gun far forward with my off hand and the S&S Precision scout light mount allowed for a good grip as well as a low profile. It also works well during weak side transitions. The optic riser was a result of personal preference. I found that a higher optic placement worked better for me, especially when wearing a helmet. The only downside is worse BUIS performance and as they are now, they are only just usable.

I painted the 416 using Krylon Ultra-flat spray paint, starting out with a cover-all brown layer. Next, I used some random plants as templates and applied tan and green. On top of that, I used honeycomb netting and applied brown again in random spots. Lastly, still using the netting, I applied just a little bit of tan in a few spots.

Parts List

WE 416 upper (modified for Systema PTW)*
LMT buffer (mil spec)
Magpul trigger guard
Magpul STR stock (mil spec)
Magpul MIAD grip (modified for Systema PTW)
VTAC wide padded sling
VTAC riser
Bonnie Packer Redimag
Surefire M600C w/remote switch on S&S Precision low profile mount
CQD front sling mount
G&P Eotech 551*
G&P KAC suppressor & Flash hider*
3x Aimpoint magnifier with LaRue style flip mount*
King Arms KAC front flipup sight*
PDI 04 inner barrel
Custom hopup
Mini ECU (LiPo in buffer tube)
Tackleberry motor

Future updates will include a Geissele SMR, Eotech EXPS3, LaRue QD LT-101 riser (instead of the current, which does not feature QD attachment) and a Troy QD sling swivel mount.

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