Twin Needle’s MiniMAP (Modular Assault Pack) is a smaller version of a famous and highly traditional form factor. It was popularised in the tactical world by the original MAP.

However, the format is basically a tactical take on the ubiquitous campus book bag.

Twin Needle’s iteration is shorter than the original MAP. This makes it more compact and lower profile, with the intended use of attaching it to the rear plate bag of a PC.

Hailing from New Zealand, Twin Needle is a brand new to the UK – brought to market by Tactical Kit, which is where my review sample is from.

The pack’s provenance is proudly displayed on a cool tonal label on its side.


Composed of 500D, the Twin Needle MiniMAP exhibits a large main compartment with dual YKK zips, operated by silent paracord pulls.

Inside the main compartment there’s a mesh sleeve which is optimised for a 2L hydro. There’s also an elastic divider for organisation.

Three exit ports (one on the top and one on each side) allow multiple openings for hassle-free hydration hose routing. The ports are covered by colour matched elastic.

There’s also One-Wrap organisation for the hydro hose (yellow arrow in the pic below).

The main compartment’s outer face is covered in colour-matched Velcro loop.

The piggybacked external compartment is apparently sized to fit a 24 hour ration pack.

Again, dual YKK zips are operated by silent paracord pulls.

The compartment lacks organisation, but that’s a win for me.

The MiniMAP’s sides feature a two column by five row PALS footprint. This allows the user to attach pouches, to increase capacity.

For me, PALS webbing here is a bit of a compromise, because it doesn’t allow the main compartment to open like a clamshell – which I prefer for packing and accessibility in nearly all cases.

Two compression straps allow the MiniMAP to be cinched down to decrease silhouette; but also to lash pack contents so they don’t move about as the user ambulates.

Webbing tabs on the base – covering the drain holes – can be utilised to strap external loads to the bottom of the MiniMAP.

The PALS footprint at the rear of the pack – where it attaches to a PC or other worn platform – is four columns by ten rows.

Four D-Loop hard-points are also present, where pack straps could be fitted in order to use the pack standalone.

Bear in mind that for an adult, this would make a very small standalone back pack. However, a cunning purchasing ploy could be to assure the wife that the MiniMAP would double as a child’s back pack. Just make sure you do have children before deploying this strategy.

My only caveat to its use as a standalone pack, aside from its diminutive size, is there’s no top mounted grab handle. I found myself picking it up on one finger, using the hydro port elastic – which is not ideal.


It’s great to see a pack that’s composed of genuine, branded, solution dyed 500D Cordura (note the capital C). Zips are beefy and smooth branded YKK items and all plastic hardware is ITW Ghilietex.

Made in New Zealand, the TwinNeedle MiniMAP is expertly and robustly constructed -with excellent stitching and finishing throughout.


  • Main pack 37.5cm tall x 19.5cm wide x 8cm deep
  • Front pocket 20.5cm tall x 19.5cm wide x 6.5cm deep

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