I don’t get incredibly excited about IFAKs, but Coyote Tactical Solutions’ STOMP is just too cool.

A backronym well within the realms of plausibility, STOMP stands for Slim Tear-Off Medical Pouch. It’s a highly apt name.

It’s discretely sized, with rounded low-snag edges:

However, it’s interesting just how much the STOMP’s 7 x 4 x 1.5″ form factor will hold.

Referring to Coyote Tactical Solutions’ website, a filled version is available with all this packed inside:

1x Emergency Survival Blanket
2x Large Nitrile Gloves (pair)
2x Hyfin Vent Chest Seals
1x 28 Fr Nasopharyngeal Airway with Lube
1x 5.9″ Trauma Shears (coyote brown)
1x Z-Fold Combat Gauze
1x CAT Tourniquet
1x 4″ Compression Bandage

For me, the cool part is the way the pouch tears-off and re-attaches to its chassis. I really like this feature and the way it’s been executed, because while it’s a fast and efficient process it’s also highly secure.

Unclip the tensionable ITW retaining buckle:

Grab the handle:

Rip the pouch from the chassis’ Velcro loop:

If you’ve mounted the STOMP handily, you don’t need to rip it from its chassis because it’s a clamshell opener and allows you to access everything with ease.

Entry is handled via two chunky zips with paracord pulls. The zips on my sample were a little sticky, but nothing a touch of silicone spray wouldn’t address.

There’s plenty of elastic organisation within and the STOMP can be appropriated for any number of uses – not just used as an IFAK.

Inside you can also see the cordlocs which tension the bungee hanging loops. These are useful to dangle a tourniquet.

The chassis attaches to the user’s webbing at its rear with the provided MALICE clips (thankfully the modern lite version), via laser cut PALS.

Lastly, the STOMP’s face features a 2 x 2″ loop Velcro field. Coyote Tactical Solutions says that this is purposed for:

Medical, Blood Type or Unit Identifier Patches

Using 500D the item is very light. It’s also extremely well made, with excellent stitching and attention to detail.

It’s made in the USA.

The STOMP was loaned out for this article by Tactical Kit. It’s is available from them here.