I don’t think Platatac’sMade Here” Small Flask Pouch (No PALS) is in the Australian company’s current line up, but I’m sure there is a replacement item which is every bit as good.


Nevertheless this is a pouch I’ve used on and off for a couple of years. I like to keep a revolving supply of utility pouches – or pouches that can be used for utility purposes – to fit niches as they arise. The more shapes and sizes I have, the better the solution.

While this pouch was designed with a flask in mind, it also makes an excellent vertical utility which only takes up two PALS columns.


Despite this particular pouch no longer being offered, it serves the purpose of demonstrating how well made Platatac’s Made Here range is: domestically manufactured items which reward skilled Australian workers.


The capacity of the pouch is just over 1 litre. I know this as it neatly subsumes Platatac’s exclusive, best selling Decor 1 Litre Flask:

This flask is, of course, still available and like the pouch it is proudly made in Australia.

Mine is composed of an FDE-coloured, BPA-free plastic. It’s also said to be dishwasher safe – but if you have that luxury, be sure to remove the label first. Interestingly, because the flask will expand as water freezes into ice, it’s also freezer safe.

There are pros and cons to flasks and hydro bladders, but I have to say I’m not a hydro fan. I prefer to accurately gauge how much liquid I’m consuming so as to ensure adequate hydration but also – sometimes – to ration my water supply, when I know I won’t be filling up for some time. The Decor aids this in clearly marking the water level on the side of the flask. It’s also pleasant to drink from and seals well, with a watertight screw-top cap. This is splined for grip, chunky and features large threads – so it’s a breeze to use with gloves and isn’t easy to cross-thread. It’s also really easy to fill from a tap or a stream; replete as it is with a gapingly wide mouth.

Back to the pouch and it is constructed of 500D Cordura. As can be seen from the pics above, it exhibits a half-clamshell opening. The two chunky zips are free flowing and you only need open the mouth a small way before being able to rip it open for fast access. The zip pulls are simple but effective knotted paracord.

I really like Platatac’s PALS attachment system. Weaving is easy, because the webbing straps are semi-stiffened and the webbing columns miss out every other row; this non-crowded design giving extra clearance for manipulation. The straps end in velcro, which locks them securely into the pouch.


The pouch is finished with a reinforced drainage slit in the base:


Construction is highly competent throughout the product and I urge readers to check out Platatac’s website for more great options. I always order direct and shipping is fair, fast and efficient.

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