Part of Crye’s Smart Pouch Suite, this GP Pouch is 9″ tall, 7″ wide and 3″ deep.

It can be used as is or – as exhibited here – with its Foam Insert: a protective liner which adds structure to the pouch. The Insert is available separately.

The pouch’s profile is distinct, crowned with a bevelled edge. This is decidedly low drag when compared to the usual box shape of GP pouches of the same size, but it does limit capacity.

The pouch fastens at the top with a QD buckle and parallel zips. For fast access, the zips can be left undone and the pouch secured only by the QD buckle.

Zips are chunky and the cords are finished neatly with heat shrink (popularised by GoRuck) and ITW hardware.

As usual with Smart Pouch Suite (SPS) pouches, uses and mounting options are fluid.

The pouch exhibits mechanisms for attachment to:

  • A belt
  • AVS Harness
  • PALS webbing

The belt attachment method is a simple channel; the AVS attachment method is a larger channel with hook and loop; the PALs attachment system is composed of a Hypalon-style material and is particularly easy to thread, due to the stiffened strap-ends.

The base of the pouch exhibits webbing for abrasion resistance and two stitched drainage apertures.

The sides of the pouch are composed of four way stretch softshell, which is a really nice touch.

As mentioned earlier, there is a foam insert which can be used with the pouch; it integrates cleverly and provides great structure. It also adds protection and I know a few people who use this pouch for their NODs.

The Foam Insert slips under flaps at the sides of the pouch and the lid, securing it:

Inside the pouch, there’s a loop field on the inside wall and a cinch-able shock cord. The latter works better when the foam insert is not installed.

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