Shoulder straps can make or break a PC – particularly a minimalist offering, where thin straps can cause discomfort. That’s not to let the more overbuilt PCs off the hook. Too much padding or layers of Cordura can mean the shoulder straps don’t conform well, whereas wide straps can chafe the neck.

This is where third party shoulder pads come in. They can transform comfort by providing the Goldilocks element.

As shoulder pads go, Ferro’s offering is in itself minimalist. The pads are padded with about 0.25″ of spacer mesh and are none too wide. For me this makes them really comfortable and breathable.

The laser cut, Swiss-cheesed apertures on the surface of the pads aren’t simply a nice aesthetic touch or weight-saving device. They allow a full range of opportunities for cable and hydration routing.

Stitching is straight and true and the pads envelope the shoulder straps to be fastened with Velcro.

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