Often copied, Esstac’s KYWI pouches are the original Cordura-wrapped kydex mag carriers.

Presented here is Esstac’s Triple Placard, which Tactical-Kit bundles with the Daeodon plate carrier – which I reviewed here.

The triple is so simple, but so effective – like all great design. The body of the placard is 1000D Cordura, which super tough but still feels super light in this application.

This acts as a shell to the kydex inserts – which are held in place with Velcro.

Aside from hook Velcro on the reverse of the placard, the item secures to the carrier with male ITW QD clips. Esstac states that the latter is a semi-redundant measure which merely stops the placard from peeling away under duress. The Velcro is what takes the load.

Compared to HSP MP2 inserts – which I reviewed here – Esstac’s kydex is on the secure side, so it requires some effort to draw mags and reindex.

Esstac’s quality is top notch and this triple is no exception. It’s really well made with premium materials and craftsmanship.

Evaluating this mag carrier, it’s really obvious why Esstac kydex is so popular. I was talking to Ian from Tactical-Kit earlier and he mentioned they have an Esstac restock in soon. What he said about how fast that stock will fly out of the door is testament to Esstac’s commitment to design and quality.

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