Magpul DAKA pouches are overpriced for what they are, right?

That was my attitude too – until I got hold of one. While I still consider the DAKA to be a luxury item (there are plenty of similar items from office supply companies which are much cheaper) they are actually quite singular in their way.

For me, the DAKA is somewhere between an outdoors ditty bag, a travel pullout and an executive folder…all wrapped up in a form factor that’s dedicated to the latte tactical hipster in us all.


It’s the materials and execution that’s key. Magpul uses what I would describe as some kind of futuristic, texturused, rubberised polymer, which is highly tactile and very distinctive. While the item isn’t waterproof, it includes a chunky water resistant YKK zip and is fully welded – with no stitching evident.


The zip pull is paracord and heat shrink.

The DAKA was released years ago – I know – but I spent those years saying to myself, “You don’t need this – it’s just a posh zip folder.”

But like so many other things (e.g. First Spear Tubes) it’s the hands-on experience which persuades you to invest.

The small DAKA is 6″ by 9″ with a 5.75″ zip opening. The perfect size for the office or studying (I carry a load of pens in mine), along with a million other uses. They also look really professional…and organised. You only get one chance to make a first impression (and that’s how I justify my Arc’teryx Veilance addiction, too).


There are lanyard loops at the top corners.


And a dot matrix for easy ID.


Aside from that they are pretty slick and ‘grey man’.

My advice is buy one of each size (I’ll be buying medium and large next) then decide what to do with them – and not the other way around.

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