Words: Rich Norman

Pic: Tactical-Kit

Just spotted an update from the Tactical-Kit delegates at SHOT – a potentially game changing feature on a new Spiritus plate carrier.

Check out the First Spear Tubes technology on the cummerbund:

Two of my favourite tactical companies collaborating on one product.

One of the good things about not running an impression is being able to select kit based on merit only.

First Spear Tubes technology is a paradigm shift in PC setup, and I’ll be reviewing a Tubes-enhanced item very soon.

I’m already running it on an SKD/First Spear STT PC, which is my favourite PC so far.

I’m also hoping for more intel on forthcoming Spiritus products per se.

Stay tuned.

Until then, you can catch up on my Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chest Rig review.

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