My friend James is doing something great.

He’s raising money for the Pilgrim Bandits charity.

James tells it better than I can:

Together with my friend Jonas, we will walk across Africa coast to coast. Starting in Namibia with our backs to the Atlantic, crossing both the Namib desert and the Kalahari before finally following the Limpopo river from its source at the Marico/Crocodile confluence, all the way its conclusion in Mozambique where the river flows in to the Indian Ocean.

Based on our research, this would make us the first people to walk the length of the Limpopo river. In total, our route amounts to some 1,500 miles. Our aim is to raise a total of £15,000 for our wounded veterans. Just £10 per mile.

Support for wounded and injured veterans is a cause close to our hearts. We both have a massive amount of respect for those willing to put themselves at risk from dangers far greater than any hardship we may endure on our expedition. We hope that through our struggle to push, always a little further, we might raise awareness and support for those men and women who put everything on the line for us.

We will strive to be as self sufficient as possible, carrying all our equipment on our backs as we slowly inch across the breathtaking but unforgiving African landscape. Through the use of modern technology, we will keep you all up to date with our progress along the way as frequently as possible.

Please donate what you can to help those who have sacrificed so much for us all, and are now in need of our support.

You can find James’ Total Giving Page, here.

If you can help, please do!

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