Mike has hit the Krylon this weekend and updated his excellent L119A1 PTW.

Mike said:

Half hour total, no plan…

Took a little longer than my usual 10 mins. Now just needs a year of weathering!

I used Krylon Sand, OD, Woodland Green and Brown. Plus mesh wash bag from Poundland 🙂

Initial stages:


The rest is just built up spraying through mesh with OD, Brown and Sand. Then a couple of solid lines of OD / Sand.

Still miss the old mid brown krylon colour…

An awesome paint job which really suits Mike’s authentic approach to all things UKSF.


He’s also swapped out the ACOG for a T1 on a GG&G mount, plus magnifier. Really liking this iteration and as Mike said, all that’s needed now is hard use.

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