Many will see this build as the final word on the Block II CQBR PTW and it certainly sets the bar very high indeed.

It’s why I’ve entitled this blog Game Over; although not in the blog’s native tongue. That’s for a different reason…

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This really is an awe inspiring blaster, with a list of RS parts as long as your arm.

Incredibly, despite the insane difficulties in sourcing these parts, the builder of this blaster hails from Russia.

Yeah – you read that right: Russia.

So imagine the time, effort and cost involved in putting this build together.

Since Rakshar runs a Combat Control Team (CCT) loadout, he even got his own home grown AFSOC QR codes done.

Well, I say he got them done – it was actually Mikhail’s wife. Mikhail – Rakshar’s buddy – helped a lot with this collaboration, because he speaks excellent English:

Mikhail – My wife designed these in CorelDraw (the hardest part!). The laser workshop was on the other side of Moscow and it worked out too expensive to get just one or two made…


Rakshar is part of the Alliance team out of Moscow.

The blaster as a work in progress:


Rakshar – It’s taken a lot time and a lot of money.

80% of the parts came direct from the US. Some parts were bought here in Russia and some from Canada.

But yes, it’s a LOT more difficult than if you live in the US  – ITAR, customs, mail forwarders, etc.

This man clearly has an iron will and will stop at nothing 🙂

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And, not only has he created an almost peerless build, he’s able to show it off at its best with some awesome photography.

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 photo fYgfHoE_zpsteea83wu.jpg
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Hopefully this list – divided into lower, upper and internals – won’t put any budding Block II builders on suicide watch…

Parts List


Prime receiver Colt Marking
Receiver Pivot Pin, .250″, Push Type Colt RS
Take Down Pin Colt RS
Takedown Pin Detent Spring X2 Colt RS
Takedown Pin Detent X2 Colt RS
Bolt Catch Colt RS
Bolt Catch Spring Colt RS
M4 Automatic sear pin (custom cut) Colt RS
Hammer Pin (custom cut) Colt RS
Trigger Pin (custom cut) Colt RS
Receiver end plate Colt RS
Receiver Extension Nut Colt RS
Receiver Extension Collapsible, Colt RS
Trigger Guard Assembly Colt RS
Trigger Guard Pivot Pin Colt RS
Magazine Catch Colt RS
Magazine Release Button Colt RS
Magazine Release Button Spring Colt RS
MIAD pistol grip Magpul RS
QD Sling swiwel Magpul RS
Magpul CTR-BLK Magpul RS
Ejector spring/selector spring Colt RS
Bolt Catch for 223/7.62 models Colt RS
Datamatrix custom UID sticker
Ambidextrous selector cap custom*
PMAG Magpul RS+*PTS inner

 photo 0uscRUu_zpsnqm17rrn.jpg
 photo ZuyIqPX_zpsaazu7y2l.jpg
 photo JIwWnh7_zpsaslppact.jpg


Upper receiver Colt Flattop Upper Receiver w/Assist & Cover, .223/5.56 (Colt Cerro Keyhole) RS
Forward Assist Assembly Assembly Colt RS
Forward Assist Spring Assembly Colt RS
Ejection Port Cover Assembly Colt RS
Ejection Cover Hinge Pin Assembly Colt RS
Ejection Cover Spring Assembly Colt RS
Cover Hinge Pin Snap Ring Colt RS
Charging Handle Assembly Colt RS
*M4 CQBR Military profile barrel 10.3 Custom Black 06/12 Vanaras
M4QD NT4 Flash Hider KAC RS
MK18 RIS II (FDE) Daniel Defense RS
Front sight Taupe KAC RS
Rear sight KAC RS
EXPS3-0 TAN Eotech RS
QD Swivel Attachment Point Daniel Defense RS
Gas block MK12 Daniel Defense RS
Gas tube carbine lenght Colt RS
Gas tube pin Daniel Defense RS
M600 Scout Flashlight Surefire RS
AN/PEQ-15 Insight RS
AFG-2 Magpul RS
Padded sling v2 Viking Tactical RS

 photo MzvEOLf_zpsbxtyuabn.jpg
 photo bf3d2053-344a-4ab7-9d9a-379b1b6e5d23_zpsoqapj82s.jpg
 photo qh8m9Xy_zps4wmoina7.jpg
 photo MavhPQW_zpsulivghrc.jpg


KUMI Motor 490 Systema PTW
Inner 6.04 273mm PDI
Hop up OEM Systema (Mag curve)
ECU 2012 Systema PTW
Mosfet Board 2015 Systema PTW
Gearbox SMAX2 Systema PTW
Torxhead screws

Massive thanks to Eugene (Rakshar) for allowing me to show his awesome build; and also to Mikhail who translated and helped me out 🙂