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There is still a small amount of external work to be done on my ‘Keine Kompromisse’ interpretation of the HK416, because I would like to include as many European parts as possible.

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Use of European parts has very much become the theme of this build and I have a number of RS Made in Germany Heckler and Koch small parts waiting to replace their US counterparts.

It’s difficult not to fall in love with German engineering because high quality and thoughtful design comes as standard.

As such, it’s the perfect aesthetic complement to the consistency, accuracy and reliability of my Tackleberried 416 PTW.

I’ve been using the same two PTWs since 2010. They are both 2008 models and were both purchased from Tackleberry – Tony to his friends – with full modifications packages carried out.

The 416, however, has also been Super Tuned – which is a gearbox detailing process.

That being said, I’ve never had a problem with either of my PTWs. They are serviced by Tackleberry once a year and aside from cleaning the barrel between services, that really is it. Trouble-free ownership and high performance.

The same cannot be said for non-Tackleberried PTWs and I don’t know how anyone could stick with such an expensive platform without reliability and consistency being guaranteed in the way it is for Tackleberry customers.

Because I don’t have to worry about the performance of my blasters, I can simply concentrate on my game.

You can contact Tackleberry on Facebook.

And yes, he drives another piece of exquisite European engineering. A Ferrari.


So, a work in progress the externals of this build may be, but it’s 90% there so it’s time to update the parts list.

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  • Super Tuned Tackleberry 2008 Version Systema PTW
  • SGT 416 receiver set
  • RS Made in Germany Heckler and Koch 9.5″ A5 RIS with integrated front sight, or
  • RS Made in Germany Heckler and Koch 9.5″ A5 RIS in RAL8000, or
  • RS Geissele SMR 10.5, or
  • HAO 9.0″ RIS
  • RS Made in Germany Heckler and Koch rear BUIS
  • RS Mission First Tactical Battlelink Minimalist Stock in Scorched Dark Earth, or
  • RS Made in Germany Heckler and Koch Slimline Stock
  • RS Made in Sweden Aimpoint Micro H2
  • RS LaRue HK Micro mount
  • RS Impact Weapon Components offset QD sling mount
  • RS Vltor sling plate
  • RS Colt trigger guard
  • RS Hogue
  • RS Colt Castle Nut
  • RS UTG com spec buffer
  • RS Tackleberried Super Float Pmag with Ranger Plate
  • PTS AAC hider plus M4-2000 or Mini4 cans (latter not shown), or
  • ASG B&T Rotex III C (not shown)
  • FCC Geissele style trigger

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Lastly, much as I liked it this RS Made in Germany 416 charging handle has gone to a better home:

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